Thursday, May 25, 2017

Don and Mike's Big Adventure

A short account of his first foreign visit by Donald J, Trump, President of The United Sates of America.


Hanna Spence said...

Why are we surprised? So many experts warned us. What do Trump & TEAM especially Jared, know about the nuances of the Arab world? For instance, what do they know about how the up till now relatively liberal Indonesia, one of the largest Muslim countries, is now being subverted by Whabi Imams trained in Saudi Arabia? Their ignorance has led to them arming the Saudis, enabling them and now placing America under their sphere of influence. Trump and Team have possibly contributed to the escalation of terror, the potential for outright war with Iran. They also seem to have left out the Pakistani issue re Afghanistan as well. Plus, because his admin is heavily skewed towards the military, the escalation of action is almost inevitable. A combination of force and ignorance in the most powerful country ion the world is a terrifying prospect for the rest of us, who cannot control it.As I learned from my thesis help writer, America is now the most dangerous country in the world.

Isiah Cristian said...

Most people are political ignorant and actually believe that the dumbocrats don't want to enslave the American people. Republicans aren't much better. write my custom paper for me

Anonymous said...

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