Thursday, December 15, 2016

English for refugees - word games for the revision of vocabulary

Last time we played this game to lighten the mood and revise some of the vocabulary areas we have covered recently.

1 - Divide the board into a grid, On one axis write the categories you wish to cover, I also included easier categories such as cities and names in order to help the less advanced students.

2 Divide the class into teams - The size will depend on how much English your students know, with elementary/beginner students, use bigger teams.

3 - Ask students to shout out some (5-10) letters of the alphabet.

4 - Write them in the grid and go through some examples.

Letter           Name           City               Part of the body       Something in the home

F                  Fay               Florence        Face                         Freezer  

5 - Set a suitable time limit (2-10 minutes) - encourage students to use their notes from previous classes and their smart phones.

6 - The winning time is the one who complete the grid or has the most correct entries when the time limit is up.

7 - Elicit answers from the whole class, write them on the board,

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JJ Hite said...

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So perusing is the most ideal approach to enhance your vocabularies. In this way, You can become acquainted with that, What is importance of that word, in the meantime, in which setting, you need to utilize. Read to an ever increasing extent and write in English whenever you have a chance (as for me, I write my essay each time in French to learn the vocabulary better). Not retain any vocabulary lists. Read English daily paper, novel, tune in to English music. It will work better.