Saturday, March 30, 2013

Greek child wearing traditional costume for independence day parade

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Anonymous said...

Dear Photographer,
today there is the news (and the photos) about a speech that Mrs. Merkel did and that had as consequence that a young palestinian girl (temporary refugee in germany) brake in a cry.

So I had the idea to compose two photos: the first of one "fighter" greek boy or girl and the other of the crying palestinian girl with the text: "Not being able to let cry the brave greek childs, Mrs. Merkel reduced herself to let cry a palestinian girl" and to put the composition in various discussion groups in facebook.

so I ask your permission to use this photo, or better ask if you can create that composition.

thank you for reading this message.

luca beretta (facebook political avatar: Ibsen Clarke)

please, if you want, leave a message to my facebook account: Ibsen Clarke