Friday, February 01, 2013

Greece's last Junta era prisoner given a hero's funeral by far right.

Nikos Dertilis who served with the Greek military during the country's far right Junta was buried this week in Athens after dying at the age of 92 in jail. The ex-general was last member of The Regime of the Colonels to be held in prison following the restoration of democracy in 1974.The dictatorship ruled Greece with an iron fist from 1967 till 1974 and was widely condemned for its widespread use of torture and other abuses of human rights.

Dertilis was convicted of the murder of a student during the Polytechnic Uprising by students in Athens in 1973, however, unlike other jailed junta prisoners he refused all compromises with the country's subsequent governments and remained in prison despite repeated offers of early release.

His funeral yesterday was conducted by Greek Orthodox Bishop Amvrosios who compared the disgraced general to independence war hero, Kolokotronis and the ancient Greek philosopher, Socrates. The service was attended by 200 far right supporters including six Golden Dawn MPs.

The post's headline is a translation of  today's edition of The Eleutheros Kosmos (Free World) newspaper also had free with today's issue a copy of Robert Bolton's Revolution From Above complete with Nazi designed anti-Semitic poster as its cover (see photo above).

Even more mainstream Greek media such as conservative daily, Kathimerini gave Dertilis a glowing obituary which described him as a "good officer".

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Maria said...

And all the major parties condemned the pro-dictatorship tone of the funeral except for New Democracy, which leads the ruling coalition...