Monday, July 09, 2012

All Quiet On The Summer Front

Not much happening on the photography or politics front so I haven't been updating the blog or my Flickr page lately. It's the way it goes, often after a period of intense activity I feel the need to just take time off and relax. Much to my surprise my lessons have continued even into July which means that this summer is the first time in years when the summer has not been accompanied by stomach churning worries over money and bills.

Hard to describe the relief that comes with knowing ahead of time that you'll have enough to meet all your obligations for the coming months. Beyond that time frame I just don't plan or think, as so much in Greece has become utterly unpredictable that making such long term plans is an invitation to unwanted fear and anxiety over events you cannot control.

Instead I'm taking this time to buy things I need for the home that I've put on the back burner in light of more urgent demands. Nothing fancy, things like new plates and cups, a few new lamps to replace the battered ones I have. Suddenly, buying things is not something I do with half a heart, wondering if this month I'll be able to pay the power bill as well.

However, when you've lived under such constant pressure, the fear doesn't melt away overnight. The thought that my current spite of good luck is just a temporary respite is always there at the back off your mind, like a getaway car, keys in the ignition, engine running.

Such feeling are reinforced when you see more and more of your friends lose their jobs, or pack their bags in order to leave the country or the city in search of work. In such a situation you have a sense of guilt that you're doing OK whilst those who are equally deserving of such good fortune are being forced to leave.

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