Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Greek dairy producer FAGE is proud to sponsor this year's Greek Independence Day parade.

Throwing yogurt is a traditional way for Greeks to show dissatisfaction with their leaders. Given the rising levels of anger that ordinary people feel with the government in Athens, I predict dairy producers will have a field day during the annual Greek Independence day (25th March) parades this year as public officials make a rare public appearance.

Jokes aside, this year's parade in Athens is going to be policed by 13,000 police officers and security service personnel who will be doing random bag searches to prevent the government from being pelted with yogurt, eggs or tomatoes. In addition 3000 riot police will be on standby in case of trouble. The authorities are seeking to avoid a repeat of the PR debacle on 28th October when demonstrators temporarily closed down the military parade in Thessaloniki and forced the president to flee. Less than two weeks after that event the Greek prime minister, Giorgos Papandreou resigned leading to the formation of a new coalition government led by unelected banker, Lukas Papademos.

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