Friday, September 09, 2011

Woman employee grabbed by plain clothes police officers for taking photo of police infiltrators

Greek prime minister, Giorgos Papandreou is visiting the country's second largest in the run up to his annual address to the nation which traditionally marks the opening not only of the international expo but the new political season.

With coffers empty and yet more austerity measures soon to be imposed Papandreou's popularity is at an all time low as groups as diverse as dentists and taxi drivers, cleaners and surgeons are taking part in anti-government protests.

Hundreds of police drafted to protect Greek PM during visit to Thessaloniki town hall

The city centre resembles less a trade fair than a city under seige with thousands of quasi-military riot police on stand by around strategic public buildings and the Makedonia Palace hotel where the prime minister and much of the cabinet will be staying for the weekend.

The real show of strength will be tomorrow when thousands of demonstrators have vowed to shut down the centre and do everything in theirpower to prevent the beleagured leader from giving his key note speech to the nation.

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V said...

I wanted to let you know that I used the youtube video of Rage/Wake Up many times on my site. Holding the same sentiments, we need to go global