Friday, January 14, 2011

Photographs stolen from my Flickr stream on the walls of the Terkenlis cafe - Thessaloniki.

were taken three years ago and put on my Flickr page. Now they are part of a large montage on the wall of the Terkenlis cafe on the corner of Agias Sofias and Ermou in the centre of Thessaloniki, Greece.

I went to the cafe and spoke to the person in charge who said that he would speak to his superiors but that was two days ago and there has been no reply since. Any advice?


surfmadpig said...

I'd certainly speak with a lawyer. This clearly is copyright infringement.

compressivehumans said...

απαρεδκτος ο τερκενλης, δημοσιοποιησε το κι αλλο, στον τοπικο τυπο, καντου δυσφημιση

Paul said...

If you don't object to your photos being used in this way then you could demand that your work be credited and that you receive payment. (This is the sort of solution sometimes found when copyright cases are settled out of court.) I have a friend who's an intellectual property lawyer - let me know if you'd like me to have a word with her.

Brad said...

You already have good advice, here, and I'd just add that personal persistence might have a better result at first, than going to the "law" or a "lawyer".

Sorry. Beautiful photo...

Anonymous said...

Don't use Flickr. Flickr is part of Yahoo. Yahoo is a part of Microsoft. Microsoft is a proprietary software company and proprietary software and "cloud services" are bad for your freedom.

Flickr is not software. Is a cloud servive which is also bad for your freedom. I didn't renew my Flickr account this year and I'm going to get all my pictures from there. The only problem I have is that I have already linked many images to blogposts. So, before I leave Flickr I should recreate links having the images in a private server.

Having pictures in Flickr creates the following misunderstanding: Everybody thinks that the pictures are "on the cloud" or "on public domain". This is wrong. Your pictures are part of the Flickr service and may be used by Flickr in ways you will never get to know. Although your pictures are indeed yours but if you don't put some restrictions anybody could download them and print them.

So its better:

a) To have your own private server to upload your photos.

b) To resize and put some watermark on your web photo exhibition.

c) To create a service per fee in order people could access and buy your photos more easily.