Sunday, January 09, 2011

Greek consumer groups organise bus ticket boycott

Faced with yet more hikes in public transport prices Greek consumer groups go on the offensive with nationwide protest by refusing to buy ride buses, trains and underground tickets. Angry consumers sealed ticket machines and encouraged fellow passengers to not buy tickets today in response to the second major ticket price increases which range from 33 to 180%.

With the Greek government anxious to cut public spending and raise revenue Athens has announced large cuts in public transport subsidies and increases in the cost of road tolls, trains ticket prices and other utilities such as electricity. However, with incomes plunging, the economy shrinking by nearly 5% and unemployment spiralling out of control such moves have angered Greek voters who are facing the most difficult financial conditions in a generation

Tomorrow activists have announced that they will direct their attentions to the country's motorway toll system which has also announced massive increases which have made the cost of travelling by road prohibitively expensive. It is currently cheaper to go from Athens to the country's second city, Thessaloniki by air than to drive.

More photographs can be found on the Demotix news service website.

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