Wednesday, November 10, 2010

In Greece the future is history

I happened to be walking through the campus of the Aristotelion university of Thessaloniki when a group of well dressed students and parents emerged from a graduation ceremony. Happy faces, proud glances from mum and dad and little to suggest that this generation of Greek students has little to smile about.

In Greece one in three young people are unemployed, a figure which is preversely even higher for those with university qualifications.

Those who do find jobs are badly paid and have little or nothing in the way of career opportunities, especially here in Greece second city, Thessaloniki which has been hit much harder than the South.

After years of toil and sacrifice by students and parents alike the pay off is a degree which is likely to prove useless unless the young person decides to go abroad and try their luck in economies which know what to do with talented, hard working employees who want to get ahead in the world and don't just see them as a source of cheap labour to be hired and fired at will.

I have no idea who this student is but I wish her the best of luck in the future. She is going to need all she can get.

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