Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Greece falls 38 places in Press Freedom Index

According to Reporters Without Borders Greece has dropped 38 places in their press freeom index and now in 70th place, joint last place with Bulgaria in the European Union.In its latest report the organisation said that the placing was due to,  "to political unrest and physical attacks on several journalists". The Greek national daily, Eleutherotypia  also cited attacks by the police on reporters as a major cause for the fall in ranking for Greece in terms of press freedom.

Given the unprovoked attack on reporters last week during a protest when camera operaters and photographers were clubbed and tear gassed outside the Acropolis Athens position in the list is likely to remain low.

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Anonymous said...

Seems as if indeed only time can tell which changes were right, which were not.

Please have a peaceful Friday.

Still with a voice: daily athens