Monday, July 19, 2010

Greek journalist executed on own doorstep

Greek journalist, Socratis Gkiolias was gunned down this morning when he answered his door. According to police reports the gunmen shot Gkiolias, who was married and a father of a two year son at least 16 times and then fled the scene in a stolen Honda Civic which was later found burnt out in the Vouliagmeni district of Athens.

The fact that Gkiolias was associated, at least according to much of the Greek press with the controversial Troktiko blog has sent the Greek language blogosphere into a frenzy of speculation over who is responsible for the murder which bears all the hallmarks of a gangland execution. According to the internet based news site the attack has drawn the attentions of Greece's anti-terrorist agency whilst contributers to Troktiko hint that those behind the killing have connections with elements within the State or "parakratikoi" as they are called in Greek.


According to latest police reports the weapon used in the killing have been linked to previous attacks by a group calling itself the Sect of Revolutionaries who first came to public notice in January 2009 following an armed attack on a police station in Athens. Sect have also claimed responsibility for a series of attacks on police officers, journalists and banks.

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