Friday, June 18, 2010

Using images to get your social media message across - a beginner's guide.

I thought I'd post the presentation on using photography in social media on my blog. The talk I gave was divided into sections;

1 - Why use photography?
2 - Basic tips on taking better pictures.
3 - Using image processing programs such as Picasa and GIMP.
4 - Where to put our images on the internet.
5 - Where can you find other peoples's images on the internet (Creative Commons Search)
6 - Legal aspects of taking pictures in public spaces.
7 - Turning still images into video clips.

The idea is to teach beginners all the practical skills necessary to take better pictures using everyday, simple tools such as mobile/cell phones or compact digital cameras and then how to use those images to get their message across in a more effective manner than by just using text.
The seminar takes about three hours and is focused mostly on learning by doing rather than just learning theory. At the end of the session participants will be able to immediately apply what they have learnt in any kind of social media based campaign.

As this is a practical seminar I can only give a general outline of the points covered. To get into more detail then it's necessay for me to do it in person.

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