Thursday, May 06, 2010

Greek riot police use military stun grenades against demonstrators

Greek riot police used stun grenades designed for use by special forces in anti-terrorist situations to break up protests outside the ex-ministry of Macedonia and Thrace in the northern city of Thessaloniki yesterday May 5 2010.

"The Grenade Hand Stun N580 and Grenade Hand
Stun Multi’s N582, N591 and N592 are diversionary
assault grenades, designed for use in confined
spaces by Special Forces during hostage release.
Noise and candela levels induce disorientation in
any persons within the effective range

Chemring Defense


Stathis said...

The very same Stun grenade was used here in Athens too!
i have a picture on my other flickr account.

(stathisgr twitter)

Anonymous said...

I am pretty sure that this type of stun grenade was used also in the 5/5 in Athens by the police. #imfgr