Friday, March 12, 2010

Saturn stores's astronomical prices - Thessaloniki, Greece

Just got back from the new Saturn store opening and frankly I couldn't wait to share my thoughts. Not that it was a great experience but rather I was so annoyed that I had to get this off my chest. You'd think that with Greece in the middle of one the serious economic crises in its modern history and with skyrocketing unemployment that any new business would need to set its price policy accordingly. Nothing of the sort for our dear friends at Saturn who seems to think that the same kind of rip off prices that mark Greek retail are set to last awhile yet.

Using the classic bait and switch tactic of selling a few select items at low prices while charging premium rates for everything else they are hoping to emulate sister corporation Media Markt. Today I went there with the idea of buying a Nikon D90 camera to replace my stolen D80 only to be told a price (990 euros) which is by far the most expensive price I have come across in the last month and 91 euros more expensive than in the small camera supply shops in the centre (so much for the economies of scale).

When I expressed my disbelief the assistant went off to consult her supervisor and very snootily said that they could sell it for 40 euros cheaper. For some inexplicable reason this did not persuade me to part with my money. I, then did my usual check of comparing prices on things like memory cards, bags, video camera and laptops only to see that, with a few exceptions the prices were exactly the same or slightly more expensive than the other electronic retail chains - surprise, surprise.

The ironic thing is that there are three ambulances parked outside with first aiders on hand to supply help in the case of a mad rush of consumers. In addition there are enough security guards to repel an invading army. Not that either was much needed as business was quiet when I was there this afternoon.


artemis said...

well, hi... you are exactly right. I used to be employed in the first Media Markt store that opened in Thess., and the policy was the same: hit low prices at opening and when the stock is sold a few weeks later, scale them back to the usual. also, Media-Saturn is the parent corporation that owns every Media Markt store.

teacher dude said...

I noticed that as well. I think I bought one thing there and then gave up going. Wasn't worth the effort to go half way across the city to pay twice the price.

Anonymous said...