Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Greece for sale - 60% of all Greek islands

A bitter twist on the joke made in Germany about Greece selling off the islands to raise money for more loans. Like selling off wings to pay for the plane's fuel.

In a flurry of emergency policy making the new PASOK government has slashed public spending and raised taxes (petrol has gone up 30% in less than two months). Yet nothing has been said about getting the Greek economy up on its feet again.

You can't just cut costs if you want to save the country, there has to be some plan to get people back to work.

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konstantinos said...

That's true! Greece doesn't have any major industrial companies, many factories have either closed or moved to less expensive countries...If it wasn't for all the money EU gave for building roads etc, Greece would be in a much more unpleasant situation. But, people and politicians never really wondered about creating useful jobs! They were more anxious about getting an early pension or avoiding to pay taxes!
Now, we should all try to make the best out of all this mess and build something more stable. It's an one-way road! But everybody should change their selfish way of thinking! That's the most difficult, I'd say...