Thursday, February 11, 2010


I woul like to say that I am now closing the TipIt account that I set up last week following the theft of my camera equipment. First of all, I would like to thank everyone who contributed and say that you have really helped me in this most difficult of moments. As a result of the money you have given I will now be able to get a replacement camera and continue with my citizen journalism and photography, which as you all know means a great deal to me.

In the interests of transparency and so you know where your money is going I'm going to post all the details of what I have been given (see here) and how I use it.

In the previous week you contributed a total of 550.85 euros (at today's exchange rates) of which has deducted 6% - 33.05 euros leaving a total of 517.80 euros.

In addition some of you contributed 40 euros via Paypal.

In the coming week I intend to use this money along with some of my own to buy a Nikon D90. I have chosen this model as my previous camera a D80 is no longer in production and also because it has the ability to record video which makes up for the loss of my own video camera. I am familiar with layout and abilities of Nikons in general. If anyone has any ideas about where I can buy this camera at a good price I would be most grateful.

I will keep you all up to date over the next few days over what is happening on the camera front.

Once again I would like to say thank you and remind everyone reading this that this is only possible because of your generosity.

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