Wednesday, February 03, 2010

An appeal for help

Following many offers of help I have decided to set up a TipIt account (see here for more details on who they are) If you feel that you'd like to help me replace the camera equipment that was stolen and so allow me to continue photographing and reporting what's happening here in Greece please feel free to contribute.

For examples of my work check out these sites;


For any any more questions of how Tipit works check out their FAQ page. I chose them as they were being used by the site and so seem legit.

Alternatively, you can contribute via Paypal using this email -

Thanking everyone in advance.



deviousdiva said...

Is it possible to send a donation to you via Paypal?

teacher dude said...

That would be great. I have my Paypal account at this email

Thanks for thinking of me.

deviousdiva said...

Thanks Craig. I hope you will be back to photography asap. Your talent is too great to lose...

All the best