Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Video showing Greek police and agent provocateurs, possibly far right Chrysi Aygi working together

The video was taken by demonstraters in Hania, Crete who were marching in memory of Alexandros Grigoropoulos shot by police last December. As you can see men, dressed in garb usually associated with anarchist protesters are quite happy to stand just a few metres away from the riot police. There have been persistent rumours that some of the damage caused by protesters over the last few days has been the work of agent provocateurs who blend in with the crowd and initiate violence in order to justify police intervention.

On the other hand if there are plain clothes officers who wish to act covertly in order to pinpoint trouble makers they do not seem unduly worried about being noticed by the marchers.


Anonymous said...

Dear Teacher Dude, with sadness I see that you are not subjective at all. While you accuse Police for its "hard policy" towards anarchists and protestors, u don't say a damn thing about the scumbags who destroy peoples' properties.

Why don't u tell us what is the reaction of British Police against violent rioters?

teacher dude said...

Obviously you don't follow this blog otherwise you would know my reaction to British police tactics.