Saturday, September 05, 2009

Happy birthday Asteris!!! - Chronia Polla

Yesterday was a full day with lessons to go to, protests to cover and parties to attend. The highlight of the day was Asteris's party which attracted the creme de la creme of the Greek language blogosphere. Anyone who is anyone on Twitter, blogs etc was there. Also it was great once again to see all the people whose work I follow on the net in real life. There was plenty of laughter, ribbing, gossip, dancing and plain ol' fun, which put paid to that tired old cliche that us bloggers write about life as we do not have one our own. Pictures can be found here.

I just spent the last few minutes catching up on everyone's via Twitter and once again it reinforces my belief that social media is all about being social, allowing us to connect with others in ways that were not possible beforehand. In a city as big as Thessaloniki it would be very difficult otherwise to meet and keep in contact with so many like minded people without the internet.

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