Sunday, September 27, 2009

Democracy in Motion omnibus reaches Thessaloniki

Yesterday the Direct Democracy Omnibus made its appearance in Thessaloniki. The bus is part of a German based initiative aimed at promoting the idea that people take responsibility for their own lives rather than just leaving it to organisations such as parliaments.

"This new foundation of democracy can only occur directly; hence, direct democracy. “Direct” means that it can only sprout within the human self, and that it can also only be implemented directly by him or her, in the form of direct votes on all essential questions which concern everyone. The principle of “election” must be supplemented at all levels by the principle of “referendums.” The suitable form for that is a three-stage structure: the popular initiative, the petition for a referendum, and the referendum vote."

Today they will be in Delphi then they are off to Athens then Leptokaria. They will be back in Thessaloniki from 15th to 18th October (see here for the rest of their tour program).

Here is some video of their work in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Democracy in Motion: Episode Sofia "Sofia Initiatives" from OMNIBUS on Vimeo.

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Greg Dimitriadis said...

Remarkable timely, given that the greek parliamentary elections are in less than two weeks' time...