Thursday, July 02, 2009

Out of the blue

Sometimes life has a way of slamming the complacency right out of you. Today I received the call that parents dread, "your child has had an accident". Lydia fell while playing and banged her head, so it was off to the ER for X-rays and tests. Thankfully, it seems that no damage has been done but the doctors say that we should keep an eye on her for the next few days. To tell you the truth I'd be much more reassured if they kept her in for observation as she had been vomiting and looked very pale, but the doctor who examined her seemed to think she'd be OK at home.

No sooner than I had absorbed this shock than I got another one, a very good friend sent me an SMS asking if I could visit him in Cyprus, he is quite seriously ill and while his condition is not critical I know that he could do with the support of friends at this difficult time. Having lost someone close to me recently I know just how important it is to devote time to friends and family.


deviousdiva said...

The scariest thing! I feel for you. The kid broke his leg in the school playground and I know how panicked I was!

If she carries on vomiting or doesn't show any improvement in the next few hours... go back to the hospital immediately. Doesn't matter how foolish you feel, if you have any doubts... go to the ER!

Please give her my love! I've been through it myself and with the kid! It's scary. Please contact me (I have live chat too) if you want any support or advice!

dorapap said...

A hug to Lydia from me too!! Don't worry she will be ok!! If you think that she is not though just go to the hospital again!! Better be safe than sorry!!

ThirdEye said...

Feeling with you. Everything will be alright.