Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Last nights gathering

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Last night there was a gathering of three to four thousand Greeks gathered outside Agia Sophia in the centre of the Thessaloniki. They were there in order to remember the deaths of thousands of Pontian (Greeks from round the Black Sea) during the last days of the Ottoman empire. Their hope is that these events will be declared a genocide by the world community.

In that respect their campaign closely mirrors the one by Armenians who have been attempting to have the deaths of their compatriots at the hands of Turkish soldiers between 1915 and 1923 considered a genocide as well.

As well as politicians from Thessaloniki and Athens the crowd was addressed by Michael Atkinson, South Australia's attorney general (his speech can be read here in English and Greek) who introduced a parliamentary motion to condemn the deaths.

Afterwards those present took part in candle - lit march to the Turkish consulate.

A group of 20 - 30 supporters of the ultra - right Xrysi Ayhi (Golden Dawn) party shouted anti - Turkish slogans during the speeches and then marched along Tsimiski street.

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sapphire said...

It's not some "deaths" (like the death of the iraqis by the british and american troops) but it was a clearly genocide!The Geonocide of the Greeks of the Minor Asia(and of the other christians like Armenians and Assyrians) by the last ottomans and the kemalists Turk inspirred Hitler,as he had said