Monday, February 02, 2009

Day of the Triffids

Man Ray made me do it.

Once again I went back to my new favourite site, in order to see the 1962 Brit sci-fi classic, Day of The Triffids. I think I saw this when I was young but thankfully couldn't remember how it eneded so keeping me in suspence. The strangest thing was a feeling of deja vu as I kept on saying but I've seen this somewhere else. Then it hit me that much of the plot and imagery was re-cycled in 28 Days Later, Danny Boyles London based zombie thriller. Streets devoid of life, a few scattered survivors, even the upturned red double decker bus are to be found in both films.

However, as Day of the Triffid is a very English sci-fi movie even the the mass blinding of virtually every person in London doesn't lead to mass panic or despair. Indeed, people manage to say please and thank you after every polite request to the few sighted people left.

"Oh dear, we seem to be in a bit of a pickle, what with the collapse of civilsation as we know it and our imminent demise due to starvation. Darn it. Now who wants a cuppa?"

Actually, both movies were extra scary as they take place in, what to me at least. is a very familiar background. Instead of monsters tearing up New York or aliens menacing LA the idea that terrible things can happen in seemingly dull British suburban street seemed to add to the believability.

Even the movements of the blinded survivors of the meteor shower seemed to anticipate the zombie movies from later in the sixties and beyond. Apparently the BBC is making a new TV series based on John Wydham's book so expect to see Day of the Triffids once again hit the headlines.

Actually, I think a Greek version set in Athens would be super scary as well. I was wondering why no one has thought of it. Still, as the price of film making and special effects drops even further I wouldn't be surprised to see something coming out via the internet in the near future.

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dorapap said...

I just love this film! I am IN love with John Wydham's book... Adored the sequel of Simon Clark (Night of the triffids) Nice choice Craig!!