Saturday, January 10, 2009

Anti - government protests - Thessaloniki, Greece

Thousands of students and other groups took to the streets of Athens and Thessaloniki yesterday to protest the present Greek government and its policies.

The government has announced that it has decided on a policy of zero tolerence in dealing with Greece's recent wave of unrest and the change in the ruling New Democracy party's change in tactics was seen in a more aggresive stance on the part of the MAT (Greek riot police) on Friday.

However, the change has proved to be less effective than hoped for as most of the arrests carried out the Athens authorities turned out to be lawyers acting as volunteer legal advisors to those taking part in yesterday's march. The 18 lawyers have filed a suit against deputy minister for law and order, after the head of the riot squad that detained them said that he was carrying out a "political decision", according a report on the Greek TV station Skai's, web site.

In addition the Athenian union of newspaper correspondents (ESIEA) have officially complained to the ministry of law and order over the beating of journalists and other members of the media by the police during yesterday's march.

Also the independent Greek news agency posted video of riot police intimidating innocent citizens after the march. If you fast forward to 9 mins you'll see them harrassing a senior citizen who dared to question their authority.


Argos said...

dude you're running real fast :-)

Owain Glyndwr said...

You still say nathing about the terrorist action against the young policeman!You support terrorism so you are a terrorist!And of course you continue the antigreek and anti-new democracy propagenda!And according to the "protest" I was there and was only 200 people!The population of Thessaloniki is 1000000 and the population of Macedonia(which is only one and greek)is 2000000,so 200 people is nothing