Monday, November 24, 2008


I just saw Doomsday, the latest movie by Neil Marshall, director of the Descent and Dog Soldiers and it was great fun although hardly an artistic masterpiece. After all the high brow drama of the local film festival it's a little like sneaking into McDonalds for a burger rather than another haute cuisine fresh leaf, tossed salad. Not stylish, not healthy, a dark moment of self - destructive self - indulgence

To make your own Doomsday franchise sequel just follow this simple easy-to-make recipe

1kg prime John Carpenter (Escape From New York, if you can get it but Ghosts of Mars will do at a pinch).

2kg zombie movie, the fresher the better so 28 Days Later will probably be the most suitable.

1 lt of Mad Max.

a handful of Braveheart.

a level teaspoons each of Damnation Alley and The Omega Man.

Actually, I saw Doomsday on the internet as a streaming video and though the quality was not great it was the only way I'm going to be able to do so as the movie disappeared in the cinemas within a couple of weeks and hasn't come out on DVD. Be warned, though the film is quite gory and not for the faint of heart. Still, I doubt if that will be a problem for fans of post-apocalyptic, the-end-is-neigh cinema.

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