Sunday, October 19, 2008

"Spare a billion for a banker down on his luck"

In what commentators are calling the crime of the century, Greek police have uncovered the theft of 28 billion Euros (38 billion dollars) from central government funds. The identity of the culprits still remains unknown, however, the authorities are analysing an image taken by CCTV camera taken at the time of the robbery that may shed light on the identity of those involved.

Although the Athens police have only released the bare details of the case, sources in the department talk of an inside job. Members of the public are urged not to tackle anyone they suspect of taking part in the robbery as the gang member are believed to be deperate and possibly dangerous.

If you do recognise anyone of the people shown in the picture please contact 210 338 5224.

Image courtesy of Salata Epoxis.

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