Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Bloggers beware

I just got this is in my email;


I'm contacting you to share that the Chapeau Blog Awards early bird call for entries is now open.

Chapeau Blog Awards is the first awards contest solely dedicated to elevating the image of blogs!

I hope you decide to take advantage of the early bird entry rate of $195 and enter today at Chapeau Blog Awards

If you'd like to hold for a while, no worries. Please let me know if you'd like to help promote this contest via an awards button I can send to you for your blog."

I hope you decide to enter. We'd love to honor your blog.

Cheryl Hendricks"

Yep, for the amazingly economical price of $195 you too can enter your blog. Ok, just let me think about that again. You want me to pay nearly 200 bucks to enter a competition!!!!!!!! Strangely enough they don't mention what the prizes are. Perhaps, a trophy engraved "World Class Sucker 2009".

As scams go this is a bit more sophisticated than most. Still, caveat emptor, blogging dudes.


Anthony said...

So, it isn't just me?

Anthony said...

I found out where this scam started.

Someone named Cheryl from Wayzata, Minnesota. My blog has had several hits from Minneapolis, so I guess she's checking.

teacher dude said...

Thanks for the link. I wondering if the sponsors know about this? Do you think anyone fell for this trick?

Anthony said...

I think it was cooked up by Cheryl. The money probably goes into some Paypal account or something. The biggest scam so far.

I guess we'd have to ask her if she got any applicants. I left a comment. :)

Cheryl said...

Thanks for posting your thoughts on the Chapeau Blog Awards. Our apologies for the intrusion, we are simply trying to recognize bloggers and how they have changed the information landscape so greatly in recent years.

Anthony said...

Cheryl: If all you want to do is recognize bloggers, you could do that for free.

teacher dude said...

Exactly. I mean there are other awards and sites that promote blogging yet they don't charge a penny.

BTW Cheryl, where is your blog?

mjonthemove said... is registered to Registrant Name: Chapeau Awards
Registrant Company:
Registrant Email Address:
Registrant Address: P.O. Box 397
Registrant City: Mound
Registrant State/Region/Province:
Registrant Postal Code: 55364
Registrant Country: US
Registrant Tel No: +1.6464176401

The form below will allow you to ask the USPS who owns a particular PO BOX #.

Here are instructions on how to do this. Let me know if you decide to pursue this. Sounds like it could be fun.