Sunday, September 28, 2008

Quirky meme

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BollyButton tagged me for this quirky meme. Here are six unusual things about me.

1 My favourite food is grilled octopus. Hardly unusual here in Greece but there is no way I would have imagined eating it before I came here.

2 Even though I come from a family of truckers I can't drive a car.

3 I once drove from Athens to Rome on a Vespa.

4 When I was a kid I hated pizza and hamburgers. Unfortunately, I've overcome those early inhibitions.

5 I have a theory about the world which I call secular karma. Like it's spiritual version I believe that acts of kindness encourage others to do the same and eventually will return back to you in the form of help from strangers.

6 I've been in earthquakes, forest fires, riots and more traffic accidents than I care to mention. As a result I don't scare easily anymore.


dorapap said...

I think I'm gonna do it too - if I decide which things are weird (I think I am weird in general!!!) See you!

teacher dude said...

I was going to tag you but I thought you'd wouldn't want the hassle.