Monday, August 25, 2008

As I walked out one Sunday morning

I have literally walked my feet off today going from place to place here in Bristol to try and take some final pictures before I leave on Tuesday. There have been so many events today that you'd need to be in three place at once just to jeep up. First I decided to go to the Islamic Fyre in Eastville.

"Farooq Siddique, Bristol Muslim Cultural Society spokesman, said the event was about bringing communities together." Click here to find out more from BBC Bristol.

After I thought I'd also have a look at the Party on the Hill at St Michael's Hill and as I walked from Eastville I came across this concert in St Werberg's in a small square near the Albany Centre.

Then not sure if my legs would carry me up the incline I made it up to Cotham and watched more music played in a closed off street for the Party on the Hill. Great fun.

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