Saturday, August 23, 2008

Drawing to an end

My holiday is drawing to an end and soon I'll be going back to Greece. Once again there will be uncertainties about work and money as there always are at this time of year. I suppose I've got used to it, though I do not feel comfortable about the situation.

Anyway, the impending end to my summer break has made me bolder and bolder about what I take photographs of. Knowing that time is limited and there are not going to be many second chances I've been swallowing my shyness and been taking pictures of all and sundry. Airbourne BMX riders, artist displaying their latest works, people absailing in the shopping centre(?), tourists walking in the shoes of pirates, man mugged in the street and lots more. Pictures will follow,

1 comment:

dorapap said...

Good for you! And your pics are getting netter and better!! We'd love to see you when you get back!!