Monday, July 21, 2008

Bristol in Colour

This was taken near the old harbour which has been changed beyond recognition since I was a kid. gone are the old, abandoned warehouses and wharfs and in their place appartment blocks and offices.

One of the things Lydia looks to most when she visits England is the chance to play with her cousin, Maisie. Despite not having seen each other for a year they instantly started playing and chatting as if they had never been apart.

The confluence of two strange events, though the image reminds me of something from the film, Signs. In the foreground, one of a pair of dancing street artists and in the back ground a funky marching band, The Ambling Band. And to think I originally thought I'd have a hard time finding stuff to photograph in the street here in Bristol!.

The Ambling band in all their pink glory.

As the band was playing this hen party (a pre-wedding blow out for the bride and her friends, for those unfamiliar with the custom) tumbled out of a nearby pub and danced to the band for a good half an hour. Oh those uptight English! No idea of how to have fun.


dorapap said...

Love the colored pics! Glad you're having a good time! We are in Toroni! Take care!!

teacher dude said...

Have a great time by the sea. Here we had a heatwave yesterday - 22c. LOL. I had to explain to sb that this is what we set our conditioning to in summer.