Thursday, May 01, 2008


I saw Outpost, a low budget horror movie over the weekend and I thought how cleverly it was written and filmed. It got me thinking about all the empty places I've seen whilst taking photos and what I could do in order to make me own script. I think this is going to be my own summer project, write some (or all???) of a film script for a cheap sci-fi /horror film. I already have some ideas about one based in either a post disaster Thessaloniki or maybe out in the wild lands up north near the border involving archaeologists, drug smugglers and lost army patrols made up of city boys up in the hills for the first time.

I just saw on Wiki (click here) that the film cost 200, 000 pounds ( 300, 000 euros or a gazillion dollars judging by today's exchange rates). I'm just getting my head around that figure as I would have guessed that it came in at least 10 million dollars. It really gets you thinking that thinks are really changing as far as cinema is concerned.


EFL Geek said...

You missed it when it came out in 3D? classic Sean Connery.

teacher dude said...

I think you have Outland in mind. Still, that's a great movie as well. This one came out last year.

EFL Geek said...

Um... Yeah, I guess that's what happens with a faulty memory and not watching the video you posted.