Sunday, April 20, 2008

Beaten for demanding a three euro pay rise

Immigrant farm workers seeking a rise of three euros a day were attacked and in some cases beaten in Nea Manolada, Greece. The demand for the daily wage to be raised from 22 to 25 euros provoked violent confrontations between local farmers and the mainly immigrant work force in the town which produces 90% of the Greece's strawberry crop. In addition there were violent clashes between land owners and activists with the Greek trade union, PAME and members of KKE (Greek Communist Party) who were organising protests.

In a report in the Eleutherotypia newspaper also made note of the fact that the farm workers live in four shanty towns paying 100 -150 euros each for shacks, most of which have no access to electricity or running water. Forced to live in ghettos the newspaper also mentioned that workers also have restrictions placed on their movements as the camps are surrounded by barbed wire and spotlights.

Many of the children of the farm workers do not attend school, but rather work alongside their parents in the field according to a report by the newspaper. Without access to education or medical treatment those working in Nea Manolada are also victims of the local authorities according to an investigation by the the internal affairs department of the Greek police force with members of the local council involved with scams that allow land owners to sell workers for 300 to 500 euros paperwork that allow them to apply for residence permits.

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Divided By Zer0 said...

Greek Power!

deviousdiva said...

Appalling and shameful.

What on earth does "Greek Power" mean in this context ? Is that a show of pride in the behavior of the farmers towards people who are working under terrible conditions to boost the Greek economy ?


teacher dude said...

Awful isn't it DD. This was posted from the European Central bank according to Sitemeter. Does anyone know anymore about this guy?

deviousdiva said...

I have no idea who he is. The only thing I do know is that the stupidity never ends. As soon as I get rid of one of these trolls, another one pops up. To look on the positive side, I guess it means we are on the radar (i.e. successful bloggers?)


I might have to give sitemeter a go btw as it seems to give more details than statcounter ?

Anonymous said...

Could have been sarcasm.