Saturday, November 03, 2007

You in four

Thanks to Cool Cat Teacher and the Flat Class Project I had the chance to come across a wonderful video on how to make your presentations stand out by Dean Shareski. The beauty of this is that it practices what it preaches by incorporating the advice given on originality, simplicity etc. . I have already used it once with one of my private students in order to get her started on her project (I'll link to it later when it's completed).

However, Dean mentioned an idea that the University of Chicago School of Business has introduced recently into its admission procedure. Basically, students have to submit,

"four slides or less, please provide readers with content that captures who you are."

I thought that this would be an excellent project for students wishing to start off their blogs. The university suggests Powerpoint or something similar. I would also recommend which is a site that allows you to make comic strips using your own photos/images.

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