Monday, October 29, 2007

Blogging safely

It seems that there is a rapid development in the way the internet is being viewed here in Greece. Until quite recently, there didn't seem to be a day go by without some story in the media depicting the web as the devil's own sandpit, a byword for vice and iniquity. As a result parents were (are) loathed to let there children use it or even allow access at home. This stance wasn't helped either by the ridiculously high access fees that were charged until recently.

However, all this is changing and the TV is full of ads selling cheap, fast access. Indeed the internet is now being being heralded as the font of all wisdom and culture, absolutely vital for a modern life.

Of course, neither viewpoint expresses the reality on life online. Whilst having access is undeniably a plus for people learning, the old anxieties concerning the safety of younger users still remain. All the more reason then for young people and parents to be fully aware of possible dangers they face and ways to protect themselves against them. As I keep on reminding wary parents the internet is like traffic in the street; necessary but potentially dangerous, nevertheless. Similarly, just because cars and the like are a threat we don't simply lock up our kids till they reach say, 14. No, we teach them how to behave in such situations from a young age.

Click here to download a PDF with five tips by Childnet International on how young people can blog safely.

Thanks to MrsW for putting me onto this.


dorapap said...

Thanks for the info! I will put the ling on my blog too!

Syzygy said...

mm, well that program that traces people who log onto my blog that i talked about seems to not work quite right. if I'm not mistaken, you looked at my blog on 31st October 2007 01:16:50 using a Firefox 2.0 browser with a screen resolution of 1280x1024? however it says your computer is located in Athens Greece, not Thessaloniki. perhaps the program doesn't work so well after all. so perhaps thats one less program out there that could be used for wrongful purposes.

teacher dude said...

All the other details are correct but for some reason the IP address is officially in Athens. I get the same thing when I look at my stats in Sitemeter. I think this has something to do with the ISP, OTE.

Sitemeter puts you in Perryville, Missouri. Is that right?