Friday, September 28, 2007

Looking back

It's strange listening to the old guys here speak. Again and again, their talk drifts to when they were in the army doing military service, especially those who lived through the civil war. And I keep on thinking of all the things that happened to you why is this the one that constantly draws you back, that means so much? I guess we all get stuck at some point, anchor our hopes to some specific time in the past than in the future as we get older.

For some reason which I cannot fathom that moment seems to be in the early 80's and although I love music from before and after it is stuff from then that draws me back, even those band I professed to despise at the time.

Here however, is a song that still speaks to me.


Gabriela Sellart said...

I’m 48 years old. I spent the whole ‘80s saying that there was no music like the music from the ‘70s. I used to think the ‘80s were vacuum, empty. But now when I listen to some music from the ‘80s I love it. It’s so relaxing and I think it reminds me of the last period in my life in which I had very few responsibilities. Not only that. 1983 marked here in Argentina the return of democracy after seven years of a brutal dictatorship. It was the last time I really believed the future would be better. Well, it didn’t live up to my expectations. But, anyway, thanks for the memories of those hopeful days.

teacher dude said...

Thanks for that wonderful comment. It really moved me.