Wednesday, September 12, 2007

But why?

This is the question I've been asked countless times over the last four days by all kinds of people. Why do you take picturs like these? Why do you go out onto the street and photograph such stuff? Don't you know it could be dangerous? And to tell you the truth I don't have a simple answer . It's not as if I court danger or look for trouble in my everyday life. Quite the opposite. However, photography, especially street photography has been something that has always fascinated me, and finally, I have worked up the nerve over the last year or so to try it out for myself. I just love the idea of capturing tiny slivers of everyday life, which give a taste of what life is like here in Greece away from the beaches and archaeological sites.

Over the last couple of weeks one of things I was trying to capture was what a Greek election campaign feels like for ordinary people and not just those connected with political parties. Hence the photos of posters and rallies. It's quite different from the ones I experienced whilst I lived in England and I wanted to share something of that difference.

I guess like so many hobbies people have, my taking photographs seems quite bizarre to those who do not share the same passion.


dorapap said...

Personally I do find it fascinating to see street - real life pics! You are so talented at this and I am glad you don't give up!

anetiologio said...

Dude, I'm a fellow photographer. Unlike you, though, I revert from close-up shots. I leave those to the CCTV cameras installed everywhere who have turned each one of us into a TV star...

I believe that you can transcribe the mood of a situation without having to show faces, unless you've first got into a dialogue with the people involved.

It's not that difficult, I think. You shoot the picture, then go to the person and say: "hi! I just shot a picture of you and I'm thinking of posting it on the Net at this website. Would that be OK with you? Would you like me to send you a copy of it via email?". If they said "no", I would have instantly deleted the pic, no matter how good it was, on an artistic level, because it would have been an immoral one.

melusina said...

I totally get why you take the pictures you do, and I am glad you take them because you have a fabulous eye. I am especially envious of your people pictures because you capture them so beautifully, and I can't take a picture of a person to save my life (my friends and family actually forbid me to take group photos and stuff because they always turn out so bad).

I also love the demonstration photos you take, because I'll never go to one (probably) and it is very cool to see the spirit and passion on people's faces, especially when you counteract it with the automaton faces of the riot police (hey, I realize the police need to have such a demeanor, but it makes for cool photography).

Anonymous said...

keep it up. Street photography requiresmorethan technique. I think you have what it takes.
Goodluckwith the policecase.