Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Blog for effect

Strange how the internet changes things. Ever since I first put the pictures of me being attacked by the police last weekend there has been a steady stream of people from all over the world who have sent me messages of support and written about the incident on their own sites. As a result the story has been picked up by the mainstream media here in Greece and I've been interviewed by journalists from the Eleutherotypia and Makedonia newspapers as well as doing a live interviews for Flash.gr, a radio station based in Athens (nerve wracking to say the least). There seems to a momentum to all this which I have you, the readers of this blog to thank for.

I'd like to thank all those bloggers who have talked about the incident;

Chris Bertram at Crookedtimber.org
Annie's Animal
Too Many Tribbles
No Snow Here
Devious Diva
Black Cat, Red Cat

So, once again thank you for all your help.


Jeff Mattison said...

Sorry to hear that you got beaten but glad that you got some pictures to document it. Your photography is amazing. It's hard to tell where your day job ends and your night job begins with your dual talents. I'm enjoying the Leonard Cohen track, too:)

teacher dude said...

Thanks Jeff, however, the photos are definitely a hobby. It's the teaching that keeps the wolf, and the credit companies from the door.

Tom said...

I don't see the pictures of police attacking you, beyond looking at your direction.

teacher dude said...

Tom, these were taken earlier. The last shot I too is here;


10 second later I was being slammed into the a lamp post by a guy with a shield and then handcuffed.

Anonymous said...

i'm glad that you got the opportunity to talk to those newspapers and radio stations about that incident. and thanks for keeping us informed!

i hope you did recover a little bit from your injuries...