Thursday, July 05, 2007

Being back.

After so long abroad it takes time to get back into the English rythms and so occasionally you find yourself completely at sea when it comes to the stufff that everyone else takes for granted, such as how to buy a ticket and the like.

Even stranger are the small details that catch your eye. For example I was walking by a news stand when I saw something about "bus marshalls". Bus Marshalls? I know about sky marshalls from the movies, after seeing Wesley Snipes manfully fight international terrorists (i.e a Brit with a funny accent) aboard a 747. Somehow, Wesley would find the 76 to Hartcliffe something of a come down, even if his career is in nose dive mode.

Another thing is eye contact, I think I've been freaking out passers-by out with the fact that I don't turn away immediately the moment someone looks in my direction. I'm not sure if this comes from living in Greece (Olympic gold eyeballers to a man... and woman) or to the fact that I keep on finding faces infinitely intersting subjects to photograph.

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