Saturday, June 16, 2007

Pick me! Pick me!

It seems I've won the Photographer of the Week competition at a Flickr group I contribute to. I didn't even realise until somebody sent me an email congratulating me. The only problem is that now it's my turn to nominate another photographer. A real tough job as there are lots of great ones in the group. Anyway I'd like to say thanks once again to Mel-Pin for choosing me.

Check out their blog;

and their Flickr group; Greeks on Contemporary Greek Life/ Η "Πλατεια" μας


greekadman said...

Your photo stream is exceptional and you deserve being "Photographer of the week" as our group's members can really get inspired and learn by your photography. We are very glad to have you as a member of the most active Greek speaking group in flickr.

teacher dude said...

Thanks. It was a real honour, especially from a group with such high standards.