Saturday, June 23, 2007

On learning

It struck me today that I've posting posting pictures on Flickr for just over a year. I went back to the ones I took this time last year and it is so strange to see what I was doing. Sometimes Flickr seems the equivalent of a visual diary. The strange thing is that the images I took then, or even a few weeks back, feel like they belong to a different era. An exaggeration I know but things have changed so quickly.

What started simply as a way of sharing family snap shots with my folks in England has evolved into an entirely different beast. I can see the learning curve that I have followed from simply pointing my modern day version of a box brownie and hoping for the best into something far more....sophisticated? Dare I use the word?

In learning so much about photography over the last year I can not help but draw parallel to my job as a teacher, that given the right incentive we can all digest huge amounts of information (in my case a 120 page Nikon manual written in jargonised Greek). Learning is built into our very fibre and yet so much of what we educators do seems to deaden this vital instinct.



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