Sunday, June 10, 2007

KIds blogging

This weeks installment of that ongoing saga that is Lydia's blog. Seriously though, I started her on blogging as a way of seeing if young learners could handle the technology and use it to provide anything meaningful. I feel that she has achieved both goals, with just a little help from her dad. On the other hand, I woke up a little late today and found her happily downloading games from Yahoo. She'd figured how to do that on her


dorapap said...

Kids are more open to new technology, I guess. Yiannis does the same with his favourite games on the Internet. Yesterday he asked me to make a slide show from his scoll celebration and put it on my blog - he says I should post more pics of him and not of my students!!!
Have a nice day!

teacher dude said...

Anything that gets them learning has got to be good.

Hope you're enjoying the books.