Thursday, May 31, 2007

It's ok, I'm a dentist

I was reading the New York Times today when something caught my eye. It seems that even the Hippocratic oath has it's limits in the War on Terror . In an article on the limits permitted American "interrogators" (a polite euphemism, if ever I heard one) the journalist mentioned this in passing;

"Mr. Krongard even recalls receiving a proposal for help with questioning Qaeda suspects from an American dentist who said he “could create pain no human being could withstand.”

This is a far cry from the modern oath which, amongst other things states quite clearly;

"Never to do deliberate harm to anyone for anyone else's interest."

Reading this I can't help but think of the Nazi war criminal/dentist played by Lawrence Olivier in the Marathon Man.


Lesley said...

I once used that scene from Marathon Man with a class of student dentists. Good for question forms, if I remember correctly!

teacher dude said...

But what did they think of Olivier's dental technique?!!!!!

Lesley said...

I think they mostly had to look away, which is reassuring!