Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The internet and young EFL/ESL learners

One of the areas I'm most interested in is the use of web 2.o tool with young learners. I believe that with the introduction of fast internet and the availability of free applications such as Youtube, blogs, Flickr and the like we can finally break away from text bound internet experience. In doing so we can allow younger language learners to create their own content using video, audio and pictures which can be posted via blogs on the web.

The technology necessary for such work is limited to a PC, cheap digital/web camera and a scanner. Nor are the skills required to use them beyond the ability of your average seven - year old.

The only worry might be security issues but once again with the right guidance and tuition the risks can be kept to a minimum.

As a kind of test of this idea I've been working with my own seven - year old daughter on her own blog. In doing so I've learnt a lot about how quickly kids pick and understand the technology used. In addition it is great fun for them to hear and see themselves. Here is Lydia's latest vlog entry.

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Carol said...

I appreciate your comments on web 2.0, despite the fact that there is some lack of clarity regarding its definition in general.

There are a number of sites for esl teachers and students, but they often lack the integration of technology. I'm trying... I'm developing some presentations for teachers and students in PowerPoint, and made a movie file for (US) Memorial Day from photos I took at a display and music made with Garage band. I'm working up to having my students create their own web projects.

I notice a younger generation of users take to this technology in a more natural manner than those of us who were not raised with it, like Lydia, or my 16-year-old son, Dylan.

Thanks for your creative site and wonderful pictures!