Saturday, April 21, 2007

Looking back

Well, the first week back at work is now over and it's been hard getting back into a routine. Last week as some of you know I decided to buy a new camera and take my life long love of photography up a notch. It's strange I'd almost forgotten that part of my past until a few months ago. As with so many of the interests and hobbies I go through phases of frenetic activity only to completely forget about them later until some chance incident reignites my passion.

Looking at my Nikon D40 for the first time hanging around my neck I sudddenly remembered the Polaroid instant camera that I had got as a present when I was 11 and the pictures I had taken on one of my first school trips. Fuzzy portraits of friends who wouldn't sit still. Endless failed vistas of black landscapes populated only with a few dots of city lights. Somethings don't change, LOL.


kineta said...

Afternoon Craig,

Mum and I have just been reading your comments about the new camera, and had a giggle about the polaroid you had many years ago. How times have changed and move on since then! Can you remember the school trip you went on??


teacher dude said...

Yes, I can. We went to Dieppe for a day trip and I remember using up most of my film trying to take pictures of Southampton at night from the sea. hence the black on black landscapes. LOL.