Thursday, March 01, 2007

Digital photoessay

I came across this great page on the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards site. It is a wonderful example of a teacher sharing their ideas and using technology to give a more vivid sense of what they are doing in the classroom. So often what we read is a rather dry account of an activity which doesn't really convey how it works in a real - life situation.

What Anthony Cody, a teacher at the Bret Harte Middle School, Oakland, has done is not just set his ideas down in words but added video and PowerPoint presentations. In this way the photo-essay project he did with his class is much more accessible. Also you can see what the students produced here.

I was just imagining the kind of lessons that I could do if I had access to some of this equipment.


exskindiver said...

consider this a no pressure tagging.

teacher dude said...

Thanks, Ex. I'll check out your site now.

Claudia Ceraso said...

Indeed. I am imagining as well.