Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Using the internet to teach young learners English

Every weekend I help my daughter with her English. The idea is that we do things together that will help her with her reading and writing. As she goes to a Greek school she gets plenty of practice with these skills in Greek, however, they haven't started English yet. I thought that it would be a good idea to expose her to written English through books, games and the web. Her favourite sites are PollyPocket, MyScene and the British Council's Learning Kids. So, here is a short video showing how we used an activity from the Council's site in conjunction with Google Earth.

To see the activity we were using click here.

I'm willing to try any approach as long as it keeps her interest and enthusiasm for learning alive. Too much of what is taught crushes learners natural curiosity about the world around them.


exskindiver said...

how old is your daughter?
if she is close to my daughter's age (8) maybe they can exchange blog addresses?
my daughter's is:

my daughter got motivated to write when she started her own blog. unfortunately no one else reads it but me (and my parents) so the motivation wavers.
she loves disney sites-


teacher dude said...

That sounds like a great idea.My daughter's site is

She's 7 and loves Bratzand Barbie (!!!!)

Lingual Bee said...

An interesting video, before the shaking scenes made me a bit dizzy. The same philosophy—letting natural curiosity drive the learning—should guide adult’s learning a second language too. Unfortunately, years of rigid schooling have made many adults to lose their curiosity altogether.

teacher dude said...

Sorry about the unsteady cam.Got carried away. Still, I think we both agree on how traditional (and here it is extremely traditional) fail to engage many learners.

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