Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Teaching English through football (soccer)

To say that I'm not interested in football would an understatement of massive proportions. However, I do realise that is something that many of my students love and so, it gives us a great opportunity to find materials and opportunities for them to practice their English. Here are some ideas about how to use it and so spark some enthusiasm amongst our often, disaffected male teenage learners.

Idea 1

1 Give them a short match description in English and ask them to underline the words and phrases that are used in football e.g. This works best if the article is about their favourite team(s), of course.

2 Then ask them to write their own short description of a game they've seen recently.

Idea 2

1 Go to Garth Crook's dream team page at the BBC football website. Ask them to comment on his choice of players and create their own dream team.

2 Students post their choice on their blog and the other students comment.

Idea 3

1 Ask your students to commentate on a clip from a match from YouTube and record it on the PC or mobile phone. Students then listen to their commentary and if necessary re-record it.

The BBC sports site is an endless source of learning activities as it covers sporting activities from all over the world. As well as written articles there are also radio programmes and podcasts about sport and chat rooms.

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