Thursday, January 04, 2007

So, what brings you here?

One of things that I've added to my blog is Sitemeter (check out the little box at the very bottom of the page) which basically tells me everything I want to you about you, dear reader. Dangerously Orwellian or great feedback, I'll let you decide, however, it does allow me to find out how people found this site.One of the added pleasures of this is that you realise that things you wrote have taken on a life of their own and that in some respects you have become an "authority" in the sense that when people go to Google to look up something, you are on the first page.

So here are a list of searches on Google which turn up Teacher Dude's Grill and BBQ on page one. They make for strange reading at times as they include not only teaching stuff but an odd array of other terms that brought people here.

"FCE interview"
"protest email"
"police brutality Greece"
"BBQ lessons"
"Thessaloniki at night"
"Web 2.0 and EFL"
"ESL icebreakers"
"writing a blurb"
"Blade techno theme"
"Youtube Greece"

Weird but true, try it out for yourself.


melusina said...

At least you don't get searches for "call girls Thessaloniki".

Of course, you might now.

teacher dude said...

Well, I didn't until you posted it as a comment. Still, thanks for the extra trade. LOL.